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Vitenka : Wed 11 01:46:40 2002  
There was a time when I though that all of humanity was irredeemably evil. That someone should just push some big red button and end it all. I thought that nothing could possibly cause people to improve themselves and that though some small personal loss would be incurred and that though it would not make things right, just ending everything would at least prevent them from getting worse.

A girl named Hannah had just flicked my ear. I was twelve.

There was a time when I wondered whether people could actually begin to see truth. When I wondered whether they could perhaps begin to settle their differences; yet I feared that the reaction would be the opposite and that people would become still more insular. Bringing up barriers to protect against even small intrusions on their world view to try to repair the damage done by such a terrible act. This was a year ago.

And now I look at the media circus, and I think of the few Americans I know - who are helpful nice people who try to cheer me up. And I remind them that I play the devils advocate and am writing here without thinking about it.

The world does not care about you. The only thing that cares about you are other people - and most of them hate you and you hate them.

Events and tragedies are random. You can't do anything about earthquakes in india. About flooding in Bangladesh. (Well, not directly anyway) You can't do anything about maniacs who crash planes into buildings. These things happen. They happen to other people and yes, they could happen to you. Some people are evil.

All it takes for them to not be evil is to choose not to be evil. If they woke up in the morning and said "Hey, I won't kill anyone today" then no-one would die.

That's it. It's a hard thing to do, but I urge you to try it. Not killing someone does not feel as satisfying or as pleasurable as killing someone does. You don't feel noble about it, you just feel frustrated. But it's got to be better than the alternative.

Which is for everyone to turn to their neighbour, and kill them. End of story, no more death. The same logic that says a little inconvenience now, a few hundred deaths now is worth world-peace tomorrow says that six billion deaths now is worth an eternity of sufferring.

There is no grey. You can't "kill someone a bit." Either you try to kill them, or you don't. Black or white. Choose.


Chosen? Still here? Guess that means you chose not to kill today.

Well done. Now tell someone else.


Back already? Good. Now - for the hard part. Do it again tomorrow.

Story mode off, editorial mode on.

It's a deceptively simple mantra. You don't need to be a philosopher to understand it. Good and Evil are not abstract qualities, they are something you can do today. It isn't a fun thing, a sexy thing, or an interesting thing. It is a dull boring difficult thing. That is because it's not something you want to do - it's something you have to do. Like work, you do it to survive.

You can have your two minutes of silence. I am using them to speak.

I feel like a blog today. Some other thoughts, many of which are tasteless. Is it better to write evil thoughts and spread them than it is to act on them? Or is that just me wanting to inflate my own importance.

How nice and comforting it would be to believe in something enough to be able to die for it. To be able to kill for it.

Do you remember the computer games like "Princess Diana car chase mayhem"? consider this column a small piece of payback.

If even a single person is kept alive - the highest price is worth paying. And yet...

To quote from a message board: "No one cares about 9 11, it was a whole YEAR ago!" - media burnout or legitimate moving on?

I can't forgive the occasional person who does decide to do kill people. I can forget it.

For the acts of a few individuals, would I condemn an entire species? Yes. But I'm broken like that. It's not the right thing to do.

What am I doing. It's a beautiful day outside. I guess the media hype is getting to me, and so I contribute to it. How ironic.

Most days nothing bad happens. This isn't because of massive security efforts or people watching each other. It is, marginally, because of the difficulty involved in causing something on that scale... But mainly, it is because no one woke up that day and said "I think that I shall kill you". Six billion people - and not one of them decided to kill you. Wow.

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